Cogeco - "What's Wrong With This Picture?"

Is that HD? Filmed on the same day as the Cogeco 'So Much To Choose' spot, 'What's Wrong With This Picture' details a common dilemma for anyone delving into the world of HD: You've done your due diligence and purchased your ultimate HD tv; bring it home, fire it up and...hey, that doesn't look like HD! What's missing? The answer is an HD receiver to bring the full experience of HD into your home. OgilvyOne Associate CD Interactive, Neil Cabana and Creative Group Head/copywriter, Karin Elz, worked closely with Chopper on all elements of production, direction and post-production. The end result? Well there's nothing wrong with this picture. Animation, Pete O'Neill - DP, Michel Bisson, csc.

For the French version, click here

CAMH Transforming Lives Awards Video

CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) is Canada's largest mental health and addiction teaching hospital. Annually CAMH celebrates the transformation of 7 people in Ontario who have overcome tremendous battles with mental health and/or addiction.

Their stories are remarkable in their frankness and disarming in their honesty. For 10 years, Chopper Pictures producer/director Richard Peirce has produced a mini-documentary on each recipient. Everyone has a story - these are truly inspirational. This year's Transforming Lives Awards was held in Toronto on May 12, 2009. Here is Brian Glasgow's story.

Voortman Cookies Mmmmm....Cookies!

The Chopper Team went to Burlington to meet with Harry and Adrian Voortman about producing some television spots for 2 of their new brands. Voortman wanted to gain more exposure in Eastern Canada and needed to mount a television campaign -- something they had never tried in Canada.

Chopper helped Voortman through the creative process of developing a campaign. The production budget was tight so creative had to be smart, simple and cost effective. Chopper handled all elements of production, shooting 30, 15 and 7 sec versions of both spots. Filming was done on location with DP Michel Bisson, csc. at the helm.

As for post-production Chopper's in-house HD facilities kept the finishing process streamlined and on budget.The results? A very successful entry into television advertising. "We have received a tremendous amount of attention and positive response from people having seen the commercials. You certainly made the whole project very smooth for us. Everything is very much appreciated." - Adrian Voortman, Voortman Cookies

Ortho-McNeil - "Mind Over Migraine 2" Wins Silver at New York Festivals Film and Video Awards!

Mind Over Migraine 2 is the second installment in a series designed to enlighten viewers about the potentially disabling effects of migraine. Derse Creative Director, Pete Riddell and TD, Stephen Streibig were set with the task of creating a simulator that would take viewers through a day in the life of a migraine sufferer. The final design uses a cone of silence, 3 separate 15" 4:3 screens butted up beside each other, and 5.1 surround sound to create a dynamic widescreen presentation. Then came the challenge of what to put on the screen and how to film a virtual 3 camera perspective with only one camera? That's where we came in.

An early solution involved a custom made 3 camera rig, but keeping the perspectives aligned proved next to impossible. The eventual solution involved filming in HD, masking in camera and onset monitors to the desired widescreen composition which included 2 vertical lines delineating the 3 screens. Not only did you have to be aware of the usual film set challenges, but you needed to ensure that all of the action was taking place within the areas delineated by the vertical lines. Post production involved editing in SD, conforming back to HD, then extracting left, centre and right screen SD cut downs. The result was a headache - and that was a good thing.

View the first Mind Over Migraine piece, here

Directed by Robert Cuffley. DP Michel Bisson. Music/sound design Michael Stanutz

ThermaBlade Runs Out Of Ice

It seems even the Great One and Chopper Pictures could not save Thermablade. Makers of the 'heated skate blade', Thermablade recently filed an 'NOI' as provided under the Canadian Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. It was a bitter disappointment for the fledgling company. However the decision by the NHL not to allow Thermablades during the '08/'09 season, coupled with the current economic downturn forced the company to file the NOI.

Chopper had a blast working on the project (hockey time is anytime!) and working/meeting/filming with 'The Great One' was a highlight. A disappointing end to an intriguing product that still holds the potential to truly revolutionize the game of hockey.

For the ThermaBlade Launch Video, click here

Abbott - 'How Are You?'

How are you? It's a question we get asked all the time. In the case of our protaganist, Chris, it's a question she takes very seriously. Recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, Chris's quality of life is suffering. A visit to her doctor, however, signals hope for the future.

Animations by Hybrid Medical. Music by Mike Stanutz. DP Michel Bisson.

Orthomolecular Health "As You Like It"

So what is Orthomolecular Health you ask? This is precisely what Lift's comprehensive advertising campaign was to address. To quote Steve McCormick from Lift, "Orthomolecular medicine is a highly customized and personalized form of complementary healthcare, which aims to prevent and treat disease with substances that are natural to the body, such as vitamins, nutrients and minerals." This was 1 of 2 spots for the campaign. Even though we shot this overnight, the crew was kept wide awake with a constant supply of espresso!

Orthomolecular Health "No Two Alike"

This is the 2nd spot in the campagin for Orthomolecular Health. Pete O'Neil spent many late nights/early mornings creating this fingerprint of health!

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