Nortel Networks "Rollercoaster"

At the start of the 'Dot Bomb', Nortel wanted to address the current state of the internet business. So we suggested a rollercoaster! And a rocky ride it was. With little time, we secured the only available rollercoaster in Canada, rigged up a 35mm camera, and shot some very dramatic footage to illustrate our point. Incidentally, we did treat the actors to a wonderful sushi lunch in between rides. Oops.

Xerox - Total Office Efficiency

A man in a maze of office inefficiency.

Rogers "Totalphone"

Rogers was launching a new phone plan in 5 days and needed a video to kick off the press launch. So we made them one. A total blast, with smoke, wind, rain, cold and custom goo!

Drug Trading

2 days and 4 spots to shoot. Nice.

Nortel Networks "No Hollow Promise"

Nortel came to us to create a video that would kick off an important speech from their CEO. They wanted it to be similar in production value to their TV spots. We shot 3 days of 35mm film and even got to close down a lane of University Avenue (much to the dismay of obsenity yelling motorists).

ThermaBlade Launches Heated Skate Blade

Whether you're an elite NHLer, or a Friday night beer league enthusiast Thermablade's revolutionary heated skate blade technology could provide you with that extra edge over the competition. Have a look and judge for yourself.

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